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WSRL: New Driver Application

To join the WSRL, you must follow the instructions. There are only two steps. League administration will only contact you with league information if you correctly follow these 2 steps!


  1. Fill-out and submit the Sign-Up Form (below);
  2. Visit our league page at and click "Apply to this league"

All league communications occur at our message board, or through it's e-mail interface. Administation will create your forum account; you will receive your username and password via e-mail. So it is important that your e-mail address is correct!

Sign-Up Form

1. Name (First and Last as it appears at

2. E-mail address (Must be correct!):

If the e-mail address you provide is not correct, we can not contact you. As a result, if this is the case, your application will not be processed.

3. iRacing Club (ie. California, Texas, West, etc.):

4. Series Choice(s):

  • Tuesday Series
  • Friday Series

5. Referral Source (Where did you hear about the WSRL?):

Click the "Submit" button to complete Part 1. Next, click "Apply to this league" at our league page at Administration will be contacting you with your username and password for our Message Board and the password for racing events.

Please take a moment to review our rules. By clicking on the "Submit" button below, you agree that you have read, understand and accept all of the rules, terms and conditions set out therein.

Please note: New applications may take up to 72 hours to process. We appreciate your patience.