League Rules

Drivers should read through the WSRL rules before participating in any league events. All changes to league rules will be posted on this page and the Announcements Section of the Message Board.

Table of Contents

1. Rules and the WSRL

1.1. The Spirit of the League

The WSRL is a group of friends who enjoy sim racing. The intent of these rules is to support that enjoyment by providing a understandable framework of rules for participants that encourages clean driving, green flag racing and healthy, fun and respectful competition among all members of the group.

1.2. Remembering Why We're Here

The WSRL understands that drivers are here to compete and race hard against each other. That's a big part of the fun of sim racing and it's encouraged in the WSRL. These rules are not intended to muzzle drivers' instincts or discourage hard racing. They are here to ensure that while we race hard, all participants understand what is expected.

The WSRL "Bar-B-Que Rule"

Race your fellow drivers hard and treat them with respect both on the track and in chat, such that if you were to get up from your computer and walk into your own backyard, and everyone from the race was there having a BBQ, you would feel comfortable facing them and joining them for a good time.

The Chief Racing Steward and members of the Review Committee are here to enjoy sim racing, too. They are volunteers who have lives and better things to do than review grievances and replays and argue with drivers over penalties and appeals. In an effort to minimize their work and the impact on their time, all drivers are reminded to exercise discretion, race with respect and remember: The drivers in the WSRL are your competitors, NOT your enemies.

1.3. Green Flag Racing

No one enjoys running parade laps when they could be racing. And a string of cautions is definitely not fun. As you read through the rules, you will notice that most of the attention paid centers around caution flags and the incidents which bring them out. Because cautions are not fun, they receive special scrutiny when the replay is reviewed. Accidents happen, this is understood. But to avoid cautions and possibly penalties it is strongly recommended that drivers use these rules as a guide, along with common sense, situational awareness and their best judgment.

1.4. The WSRL and iRacing

While the WSRL events at iRacing are in the "League" area, the WSRL races are not separate from the iRacing system. WSRL Rules do not supercede or negate the iRacing Sporting Code, which is in effect at all times in the WSRL. A driver's actions in a league race can have consequences on iRacing. All members should understand that actions in violation of the Sporting Code in League Racing are subject to the full scrutiny of the iRacing Staff.

1.5. League Staff

1.5.1. League Owner & Chief Executive Officer

The League Owner & CEO acts as administrator overseeing all aspects of league operations. Management of league finances, the website, facebook account, league message board, store, url registration and web hosting fall under the responsibility of the Owner / CEO. In addition, driver packets and staff management are the responsibility of the League Owner & CEO.

The League Owner & CEO is Bob Beltrami (bob[at]wsrlracing[dot]com).

1.5.2. League Administrator

The League Administrator (LA) manages and coordinates all aspects of race operations. Managing new driver recruitment, posting Drivers Meetings, race scheduling and hosting, and in-race administration are the responsibility of the League Admin.

The League Administrator is Chris Beck (motoracer34[at]gmail[dot]com).

1.5.3. Chief Racing Stewards

The Chief Racing Stewards (CRS) are responsible for scoring all league events and managing the seasons standings. In addition, any grievances filed by drivers are reviewed by the CRS and they levy penalties, if required. The CRS's can act as the in-race admin and carry out all aspects of League Administration in the event that the LA designates or is absent.

The Chief Racing Stewards are Chad Lang (challenger20155.7[at]outlook[dot]com) and Rusty Arthur (birdyman10[at]hotmail[dot]com).

1.5.4. Replay Review Committee

The Replay Review Committee is a 3-driver panel that reviews a drivers' appeal of a penalty or any grievance that involves the CRS. If a committee member is involved in the grievance, they will not be reviewing the incident. The Committee's judgement is final.

In the event that both the LA and CRS are absent, a member of the Replay Review Committee may act as the in-race admin.

The review committee is Rob Gall, Cris Mans and Dennis Fuson.

1.6. Drivers

1.6.1. Application Process

To join the WSRL, prospective members must follow a 2-step application process outlined on the Join Page. iRacing members who correctly complete the league application process will receive the official league welcome e-mail and a username and password for our Message board, usually within 24 hours.

1.6.2. Membership

Membership in the WSRL is structured similarly to a driving club, without the dues or expiration. Drivers are welcome to race at all WSRL events and are are not limited to the series on their initial league application. Membership in the WSRL does not expire and drivers do not need to reapply before or after the racing season, or if they have been inactive.

Membership in the WSRL is structured in three tiers: New Members; Members; and Drivers. New Members

New applicants to the league who have received the password and forum information, but have not raced with us, are "New Members". New Members are not fully activated in the league, do not have access to The Garage, are not included in the WSRL group at the Message Board. To activate membership, New Members must race in a points event. Members

After racing in a points race, New Members are promoted to Member status and granted all benefits of full league membership: Added to the Drivers page Member section, added to the WSRL group at the message board, and given access to The Garage. Drivers who are unable to maintain consistent participation in league races may be moved from the Drivers section down to the Members list at the discretion of League Administration. Members may be new to the league, part-time racers, or inactive. Drivers

After completing a WSRL season, participating in 50% or more races, Members are promoted and listed up on the Drivers section of the website. Consistent participation in league events maintains Driver status.

1.6.3. Rejection or Termination

WSRL is a private racing club and administration reserves the right to refuse any applicant(s) for any reason or no reason and can revoke any individual membership(s) at any time without notice for any reason or no reason.

2. Technical Inspection and Pre-race Information

2.1. Paint:

Drivers are encouraged to paint custom paintjobs for each of their cars, within iRacing conventions. Please submit car files to TradingPaints.com.

2.2. Use of Chat:

Excessive and/or unnecessary voice or text chatter during green flag conditions is strongly discouraged. Too much chatter can cause confusion and act as a distraction for other drivers in the event and may result in a Black Flag or even removal from the event.

Under yellow flag conditions, the chat rule is relaxed. However, to allow drivers to prepare for green, unnecessary chat is strongly discouraged on the last lap under caution before taking the green flag. Race related chat is acceptable.

2.2.1. Flaming:

No abusive chatter (flaming) will be tolerated. Should you find yourself involved in an incident, or don't like the way someone drives, do not key your mic or enter chat to curse or air angry or abusive chat during the race or in post race chat. See Post-race Misc if you are interested in filing a grievance.

2.3. Points System:

Points will be based off the current point system as scored by NASCAR®. 43 points for 1st, 42 for 2nd, and so on down to 1 point for 43rd. You will receive 1 bonus point for leading a lap, and 1 bonus point for leading the most laps. Drivers that show up for the Practice and/or Qualifying sessions but do not race will receive last place points for that race.

2.4 Provisionals

Each driver has 5 provisionals per season. If you cannot attend a race, you can utilize a provisional. Provisional drivers will be scored together one position behind the last place racer. Provisionals are automatically granted to drivers that have participated in previous races in the season or request a provisional for the 1st race of the season. A provisional request via e-mail to the Chief Racing Steward is required for the first race of the season only. All drivers who raced in or received a provisional for the first race of the season will be automatically granted a provisional for any subsequent race of the season until they reach the maximum of 5 provisionals used.

3. Series Race Settings

Car:NASCAR Camping World Chevrolet Silverado & Toyota TundraNASCAR Sprint Cup Chevrolet SS, Ford Fusion and Toyota Camry
Qual:10 Minute Open10 Minute Open
Reset/Fast Tow:10
Distance:40% of Sprint Cup40% of Sprint Cup
Weather:iRacing DefaultDynamic Weather

The Tuesday Series fixed setups are the track-specific fixed.sto available in-sim at iRacing.com.

The Friday Series race schedule follows the NASCAR Sprint Cup for venue as closely as possible, with a few exceptions.

iRacing Default weather is 78 degrees, 2mph North wind, 55% humidity and partly cloudy.

3.1. Common Race Settings

  • Practice sessions start at 5:05PM Pacific and run for two hours and ten minutes (2:10).
  • Qualifying begins at 7:15, and is immediately followed by the Race Session.
  • Starts: Rolling
  • Caution Flags: Ovals: On | Road Courses: Off
  • Driving Aids: Off
  • Event specifics (track, distance, setup, etc.) are available in the schedule and/or the Drivers Meeting.

3.2. Drivers Meeting

The Drivers Meeting (DM) for all WSRL Series events will be posted in the "Pre and Post Race Discussions" section of the Message Board at the beginning of each week. The DM provides all relevant details for each event.

4. The Race

4.1. Pace Speed & Pace Laps:

Drivers are required to run a smooth, stable pace speed, maintaining control of the race car. Example: If pace speed is 60mph, drivers are expected to run 55-60mph not 40 or 70mph (unless you are catching the field from the pits). During the last lap before the restart, drivers must maintain an interval of .5 seconds maximum between their car and the car in front while maintaining a smooth pace. Use your f3 screen to view your interval.

4.2. Starts and Restarts:

Starts and restarts are challenging for drivers as they accelerate through the gears, bring tires up to temperature and sort the field out. The start/restart is controlled by the leader and he/she may accelerate at any time after the pace car exits the track or wait until the green flag flies. All drivers should be aware and prepared. All drivers are reminded not to pass until car is over the start/finish line to avoid penalty in the sim. Starts and restarts should NOT be viewed as an opportunity to pickup positions. In an effort to minimize cautions and get back to racing, league administration recommends that drivers not attempt any passes until on the backstretch. Exercise patience, wait until you can make a clean, fair pass and show respect to the other drivers. If a car is slow on a start/restart due to a missed shift, broken gear or other circumstance that has them off the pace, a pass is acceptable as soon as it can be done safely.

4.3. Racing Groove and Holding Your Line:

At most tracks, it is possible for two competitors to run side by side in the racing groove for many laps without incident when each driver knows what is expected of him. When running side-by-side, both drivers must "hold their line" (AKA stay in their respective groove) until the pass is completed or denied:

  • The inside driver must maintain a line in the low groove. He must not drift up into the outside car while in the turn or straight, and must provide room in the high groove for the outside car.
  • The outside driver must maintain the high line through the turn and straight, leaving room in the low groove for the inside car.

Examples of the "racing groove" are available that include side-by-side traffic situations.

4.4. Entering Pits:

Use chat if drivers are close to you to let them know your intentions of entering the pits. Move down to the apron and enter pit road in a safe and controlled manner. When travelling down pit lane, use the outer most lane whenever possible. As you near your pit stall make the move to the inner lane only a few stalls ahead of yours. If you choose to drive down pit lane in the inner lane or drive through the pit stalls more than 2-3 stalls before your pit stall, and your actions impede a driver from easily accessing his pit stall, you will be penalized 2 points.

4.5. Exiting Pits:

When your crew has finished working on your car, exit your pit stall in the inner most lane and move to the outer most lane as soon as it is clear and safe to do so. As you exit, you must remain on the apron until you can safely enter the track. Do not drive onto the racing surface until you are clear of traffic. Use F3 to help gauge traffic when getting back onto the track. INCIDENTS EXITING PIT ROAD WILL BE JUDGED HARSHLY. Drivers on the track are also responsible for being aware of competitors entering and exiting pit lane.

4.6. Cautions:

The sim activates the yellow flag whenever it calculates that the conditions merit. The WSRL does not use Admin Cautions.

4.7. Taking the Caution:

When the yellow flag comes out, drivers should slow as indicated by their spotters and in a controlled manner. Drivers should NOT slow suddenly when the caution flies unless necessary to avoid contact with another car or the initial incident. The leader is responsible for slowing in a controlled manner, yet catching the pace car as quickly as possible. The field is to line up behind him, in order, as quickly as possible to prepare for pit stops.

All drivers should be aware of their surroundings, both ahead and behind, and drive accordingly. INCIDENTS UNDER CAUTION WILL BE JUDGED HARSHLY.

4.8. Incidents Without Caution:

It is possible for an incident involving contact not to bring out a caution. If you feel that an incident occurred that the Chief Racing Steward needs to be aware of, please file a grievance (see section 5.1). After grievance and review, the CRS may hand down a penalty for reckless driving or other applicable rule violation.

4.9. The "Lucky Dog" Rule"

The iRacing "Lucky Dog" feature will be active and in effect in all WSRL Series at ovals.

4.10. Misc

4.10.1. Bump Drafting:

At plate races, bump drafting is allowed, but not recommended because of the high potential for spinning the car ahead and causing a caution. It is easy to bump a car into a spin, so bump drafting should be done very carefully, if at all.

4.10.2. Passing Under Braking versus Dive Bomb Passing:

When you intend to pass under another car while entering a turn, it is best if you have your car alongside the other car well before the corner entry. If your spotter tells you "car high" before you enter the corner, it's a good bet (but not guaranteed) that you are far enough forward to continue the pass attempt. In passing situations, both drivers are expected to be aware of their situation and hold their lines. If you desire to make a pass while entering a turn, it is highly recommended that you run the low groove for at least 3-4 seconds prior to corner entry, so that the other driver can see your intentions in his mirror. Running the low groove is not a guarantee that he will allow you to pass, but it is an indication that you *desire* to pass him on the low side.

Once a car is along side, the rule for holding a line applies to both drivers. The driver being passed must maintain their line and the driver passing must maintain thir line.

Different than passing under braking, the "Dive Bomb Pass" occurs when the passing driver has not brought his car along side before the corner, but brakes late to press the pass, usually resulting in contact with the rear of the car ahead or sliding up out of the low groove into the side of the car ahead. There is no "Dive Bomb Pass" penalty in the WSRL as these circumstances are covered under Rule 4.3. Holding your line.

4.10.3. Blocking:

Allowed only in the final stages of an event, blocking is described as changing your line to match the movement of the car behind you, thus preventing that car from attempting a pass. Example: If you are running a stable line in the low groove and the car behind you moves to the high groove, then you move to the high groove to impede his progress or break his momentum, that is blocking.

4.11. The Cardinal Sins:

A "Cardinal Sin" is one of the Seven Deadly Sins in theology and/or represents an unforgivable error in judgement. In the WSRL, a "Cardinal Sin" represents an action so inconsistent with the values and principles of the league that immediate, severe action will be taken, resulting in suspension or expulsion from the league AND a protest filed with iRacing.

At this time, there are two Cardinal Sins in the WSRL:

  • Retaliation
  • Flaming

5. Post-race Misc

5.1. Driver Grievance/Protest Process:

5.1.1. Filing a Grievance/Protest:

During our races there will be a share of incidents, which are nothing more than accidents. Sometimes we just have to suck it up or even leave an event if our car is badly damaged. The CRS is an active racer in league events and is not taking note of issues. They do not review the race replay, either. Drivers caught up in incidents that involve rules violations who want a penalty applied must e-mail a proper grievance to bring any issue to the attention of the CRS.

If you feel that another driver has caused you harm on the track or has driven in a manner that is in violation of WSRL rules you are encouraged to file a grievance with the Chief Racing Steward: Send an e-mail that includes a clip from your replay (you will need to save it prior to leaving the race server) containing at least 1/2 lap before the incident, and 1/2 lap afterwards. Be sure to include the lap number and/or replay clock time of the incident and a description of what happened. All grievances must be received by the CRS within 24 hours of the conclusion of the race so that any penalty can be included in the scoring. Failure to include required info will be cause for immediate dismissal of the grievance.

A proper grievance e-mail must include:

  • A clip from the replay containing at least a half-a-lap before the incident, and a half-a-lap afterwards,
  • The lap number and/or replay clock time of the incident, and
  • A description of what happened.

Any response or appeal e-mail must be received by the Chief Racing Steward within 24 hours of the Incident Notification being posted to the Message Board. The Steward's e-mail is available on the "Staff/Contact" page.

All drivers should also be aware that in the event of an incident, a member may also protest a Sporting Code violation to iRacing.

5.1.2. How Driver Grievances/Protests Are Judged:

Chief Racing Steward will be reviewing properly submitted greivance replays to determine the course of events and apply penalties for rules infractions. When an incident involves CRS, the incident will be reviewed by the Replay Committee. All penalties levied will be posted at the message board, usually within 24 hours.

Similarly, any member of the replay committee involved in an incident in question will not have a vote in a grievance or appeal. Appeal and grievance replay clips may or may not be reviewed by all replay committee members, depending on the availability of said committee members. Replay clips for appeals will be sent to the Replay Committee for review, if the Chief Racing Steward doesn't agree with the driver submitting the appeal and remove the penalty. Replay clips for grievances will be reviewed by the CRS. If the the CRS doesn't reach a decision, the grievance clip will be sent to the remaining committee members for review.

5.1.3. Protests to iRacing:

Any member who fails to follow our grievance procedure and files a protest directly with iRacing will be indefinitely suspended from participating in WSRL events.

5.2. League-Initiated Actions:

Under certain circumstances the league administration may initiate action against a driver or drivers for actions detrimental to the League. These actions range from filing an internal Grievance/Protest with the League that can result in the loss of points, suspension from racing or expulsion from the league. In addition, a protest submission to iRacing may be processed.

5.3. Penalties and Other Actions:

After reviewing an incident, there are a number of actions that the league can take to penalize infractions, depending on the severity of the offense:

  1. Minor Points Penalty – Loss of 2-10 points
  2. Race Points Penalty – Loss of all points scored in an event
  3. Probation
  4. Suspension from League Racing*
  5. Expulsion from the League*

*Protest to iRacing

Repeated infractions by any driver who continues to disobey the rules is subject to termination from WSRL

Usually within 24 hours of a points race conclusion, grievance replays will have been submitted to the Chief Racing Steward and penalties levied, if necessary. Any penalty information will be posted to the league message board, in the "Incident Notification" forum. No other notification is sent out to drivers receiving penalties.

5.4. Appeals

If a driver feels that a penalty or other adjudication has been made in error, it is the drivers responsibility to file an appeal with the Chief Race Steward within 24 hours of the penalty being posted on the message board. Appeals must be submitted via email and clearly explain the reason for filing the appeal. The appeal submission will then be reviewed by the entire replay committee. The original reviewer does not participate in the appeal process. The decision of the committee is final.

5.5. Official Results and Standings

The unofficial race results and standings will usually be available on the web site shortly after the race. It may take several days to make results final. This timeframe allows parties time to resolve any grievances and appeals before the official standings and results are finalized and posted.

6. WSRL Awards

6.1. Season Championships:

For each WSRL Series, at the end of the season the driver with the highest cumulative points total from official series races is crowned Series Champion. Series Champions are acknowledged on the Website Home Page and on our forum with a special rank insignia:

WSRL Champion

6.2. Season Podium Finishers:

The Second and Third Place finishers in each Series are acknowledged on the Website Home Page.

6.3. Top Three Race Finishers:

The podium finishers in each race are acknowledged on the WSRL's Facebook Page with a widget that also displays on our Home page.

6.4. League Supporters:

Members who donate to keep the league running are acknowledged on our Message Board with a special rank:

League Supporter